How soon can you start?

A lead time of 2-4 weeks is typical We may start earlier, depending on our work schedule at that time and materials required to do the job. Ordering of custom/exotic material will take longer to set up

How long does it take?

95% of all installations take one day to complete. Timing, depends on the scope of the job and size of your stairs

Can you give me an exact bid from pictures?

Yes. We have successfully provided bids via the Internet, for more than six years. Based on the photos/plans you provide and the details surrounding the work you want performed, we can provide an exact cost for your job.

How much does a banister cost?

With your email specifications and digital photos, we will determine the exact cost for the work to be performed. If requested, we will also include optional upgrades, variations, etc.

Are you competitively priced?

Because our focus/expertise is on wood stair products only, we are able to deliver a premium product at a very competitive price. We don’t gouge or negotiate, so you can be certain you are getting our “bottom line price”. You get all of this, in about a day or so. If you have a bid from another contractor, we are happy to review it.

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